"our brand defines why we exist; to help people feel better in a sustainable way"

our brand

welcome to solent

Our brand journey is one of transformation as we continue our drive to deliver projects and products that help people feel better in a sustainable way.

We continue to support our customers as we create, develop, manufacture and manage complex, overlapping projects around the world on-time and on-budget, everyday.

We’ve strengthened our brand to better tell our story in a more confident, dynamic and energetic way. The result is an energised identity that captures our rich heritage and future towards sustainable growth. It defines why we exist; to inspire, to manufacture and to deliver cutting edge products that help people feel better in a sustainable way.

the möbius strip

The möbius strip represents our endless pursuit of quality and the infinite potential of our partnerships.

We combine product and retail with a twist. That twist represents a unique inspiration, the drive to achieve and the added value that makes Solent, Solent.

Solent Group logo

Our brand signifies our continuous partnership with our customers, partners and ourselves. We are not the everyday; we are unique, we are different and our re-energised identity reflects the value we add every step of the way, our drive towards sustainable growth whilst not forgetting our rich heritage from which our foundations are built upon.

Our proposition, point of difference, our magic defines us as unique. That uniqueness is encapsulated in our new identity and reflective in the ‘twist’ of our new iconic symbol.

Ashley Symonds

divisions of solent

our core expertise

For the first time, we are highlighting the capabilities of our three core areas of expertise with their own visual identity. Each colour way signifies it’s specialism with the group and the expertise we provide.

Every project adds to our experience and expertise. When one is delivered another is started as we strive to surpass our own achievements and maximise growth in all that we do. Our mission however, remains the same;

inspire. manufacture. deliver

helping people feel better in a sustainable way

Solent brand image

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