all of the flavour, less of the fat

up to 60% less fat than regular potato crisps, what’s not to love!

our capabilities

We pride ourselves on developing unique recipes and products specific to customer needs.

We have capabilities to produce sweet & savoury flat pretzels, rings & sticks and twists, all in an array of packaging formats including gifting options.

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unique flavour combinations

We’re constantly creating new irresistible flavours in our development kitchens.

baked using traditional recipes

Using a traditional pretzel recipe, we’re constantly innovating our product range.

up to 60% less fat

Unlike traditional potato crisps, we bake our snacks to give you up to 60% less fat.

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woolworths & M&S pretzels

a delicious range of American inspired pretzel products full of flavour that offer a healthier alternative to potato crisps

“a healthier alternative to fried potato snacks”

Partnering with both Woolworths South Africa and M&S, Solent have developed an innovative range of American inspired pretzel products that not only taste great, but also provide a healthier alternative to traditional fried potato snacks. Our range is built around the innovative flat squeezed pretzel which is light, crisp and 60% (approx) less fat than regular potato crisps. These are available in 3 flavours, from share bags to lunch box on-the-go bags, and all suitable for vegetarians.

We’ve proved that healthy snacking doesn’t have to be boring which is why we’ve recently launched our brand new pretzel pieces. Intentionally broken pretzel pieces that deliver a super crunchy texture with intense moreish flavour, these are available in even more exciting flavour combinations such as sriracha and cheddar cheese.

not fried
no artificial

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