Company Statement

Modern Day Slavery

This statement is published In accordance with the UK Modern Slavery Act of 2015. It sets out the steps taken by the owners and directors of Solent Group Holdings Ltd, (“the company”) and all its subsidiary companies up to March 2019.

“The company” are fully committed to

  1. Understanding and preventing modern day slavery and human trafficking in its business and across its supply chain
  2. Working to ensure there is no modern day slavery within their business or supply chain globally

 “The company” already take significant steps towards achieving the above and have a long history and commitment to ethical trading, by -

  1. Employing ethical compliance managers to carry out, (at least annual), ethical trading audits at all of its first tier manufacturing sites
  2. Setting out minimum ethical trading requirements to all first tier manufacturing sites which includes the forbidden use of any forced or bonded labour
  3. Employing trained technical and commercial teams who carry out regular visits to first tier manufacturing sites
  4. Participating in independent ethical trading audits by third party audit companies for all first tier manufacturing sites
  5. Membership of Sedex and completion of self-assessment questionnaires for all first tier manufacturing sites

At the start of 2019, “The company” have also set up a Modern Day Slavery Strategic Working Group with accountability for: - further identifying & managing the risk of slavery in “the company” & its supply chain, developing a strategy to minimise the risks, reviewing & updating company policies and training & awareness throughout “the company” and its supply chain. The focus for 2019 and beyond will be managing and eliminating the slavery risks in “the company’s” first tier supply chain and starting to identify slavery risks in “the company’s” top 20 by turnover, second tier suppliers.


Richard Porter