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Solent Brands was founded three years ago to establish Solent Group within the licensed health and beauty category. Our aim is to bring leading brands to the UK consumer and to create designer brands affordable for all, using quality products to cut through a busy and ever changing market place. Here are a few of our licenses.


The world of celebrity has changed. The Instagram generation and reality TV stars now dominate our news and media. We've tapped into that market creating instantly recognisable celebrity brands with desirability that the target audience have a true and instant connection with. We have a wide and developing range of products that will help any media star and follower get 'Post' ready.

theatrical & literature

As Solent Group are one of major players in the re-usable bag market it made perfect sense for us to bridge the gap and enter in to the branded arena. Choosing partnerships and brands that we feel are classic or forever green licensed properties offer us with staple licences that sit comfortably within the home/family environment.


Our relationship with brands and our understanding of their aspirations has enabled us to be perfectly positioned to bring high quality but affordable-for-all designer goods to market. Working closely with our partners we can take brands into new markets and help capitalise on existing revenue streams.


The children's product market place is dynamic and fast paced but one that also allows for brand loyalty to develop with families and kids. Our superb relationships with licensing companies has enabled us to reach markets early with a diverse range of innovative products that appeal to the younger audience with new and classic Children's characters.

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