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We are pioneers of speciality confectionery, healthy snacking and authentic Asian products. With quality product and service at the heart of our beliefs, our Technical and Development teams work to ensure we are market leaders across all of our ranges.

Free from Chocolate

We take pride in our forward-thinking approach to Free From products. We intend on creating products that appeal to people who care about what is in their food. We use bold and contrasting colours as a fearless statement. In a world full of uber serious health brands, we aim to inject a bit of fun into the free from market.

No sugar added chocolate

The original recipe for no sugar added products was launched over 30 years ago. Our current Chocologic recipe is unique and first-to-market, using natural sweetener, Stevia. This recipe boasts of many healthier lifestyle benefits, one being a reduction of up to 90% less sugar.

Authentic Asian & world  foods

Our Three Tigers range provides our customers with a selection of authentic Asian snacks. We produce a range of crackers using Tapioca Starch, including Prawn Crackers that are made using fresh water prawns and a variety of vegetable crackers.

Healthy Snacks

A range of delicious and quality crisp and snack products at a reasonable price. All products are developed with great flavours which ensure a tasty and satisfying, snacking experience. We strive to offer innovative products for our customers.

Mediterranean Snacks

A selection of crispy sweet baklava bites delicately hand made with fine filo pastry, filled with nuts, baked and coated in a light syrup. Using top quality ingredients, we create a mouth-watering assortment of a classic Mediterranean treat, carefully filled with cashew, pistachio, walnut and some chocolate covered.

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