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For over 30 years Retail Brands have been producing and supplying impulse snacking lines to the major UK retailers.  Our technical and development teams work with our customers  to develop successful product offers. We are committed to responsible sourcing of ingredients, ethical trading and sustainability.

Our core principles are to supply  products that are innovative, high quality and exceed customer expectations. Retail Brands supplies branded and private label products. Our core ranges are:


A range of potato crisps including healthier reduced fat versions.


An authentic Asian snack range including the new Three Tigers range of flavoured crackers.


A range of premium chocolate, standard chocolate and no added sugar ranges suitable for diabetics.

Private Label Retailer Solutions

The company operates in both the private label and branded sectors and has particular expertise in crisps and snacks, confectionery, beverages, biscuits, diabetics and health.

Retail Brands work closely with our supply partners, brand owners and customers, as well as our own marketing and trade marketing colleagues. We have an excellent track record of success launching new products into the extremely crowded and competitive UK market.

Retail Brands is committed to providing quality products in both own label and brand. Our core principles are to manufacture products that are safe, high quality, fulfil all legal requirements and meet or exceed customer expectations. We are also committed to responsible sourcing of ingredients, ethical trading and the environment.


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